Friday, August 22, 2014

Elves that I can like

Some of you might be familiar with my Knights of the Blood Rose Lord of the Rings army.  I really had a blast with it.  I have been taking some new group shots, starting with the Cavalry.

The bases were also a lot of fun!

This combined army of the Angriest Elves in Middle Earth had speed, some hitting power, and some magic.  I even put a touch of shooting in the army, which is rare for me!

This was the unit that would often zoom around with Gwahir to pounce on hapless enemy units that had been knocked prone by a Stormcaller.

I will be showing pictures of those units soon.  It was an army that evolved a great deal over many play test sessions.  This also proved to be my most successful tournament army by far.

The Knights of the Blood Rose cleared the table of child races a number of times.  This particular group of elves had no intention of leaving Middle Earth, leaving all they had built to such creatures as men and orcs.


  1. Another smile on my face :-), unbelievable good as always.

    1. Thanks! This was one of those rare times where I could paint something nice that also wrecked face on the gaming table!

  2. These look really good... But why the distracting red base rims?!
    Black or brown base rims would keep the eye on the model and look so much nicer!

  3. This was for gaming purposes. It is very important to be able to distinguish things from each other in a scrum. Plus, it is easier to designate other measurements than if they were black like all the other figures I end up against.