Sunday, July 13, 2014

The missing files at last!

After I posted a few of the Arthurian series in the "Why I paint NMM" article, I had been searching far and wide for the other paintings in the series.

Cathy managed to locate the old backup disks for me, so here they are!

Beginning with Nimue's Gift.  As with all Pre Raphaelite style, imagery is everything.  So, spring vegetation to show the beginnings of Camelot.  Light colors, and a young Arthur.  Merlin is also younger.

Morgan Le Fey.

An older Arthur, more heavily featured (and older) Merlin, and the oak leaf/acorn motif.  The seeds planted.  Yes, lots of people say he looks like me. :-)

The Once and Future King.

Summer vegetation, high chroma colors, the peak of Camelot.


The vines, showing the entanglements of love and betrayal.  Very dark, muted colors.  Deep reds and blues.


The Fall of Camelot.  Dying leaves falling from the trees, heavy accents of reds.  The armor has lost its shine, and Camelot is under gray skies.

Not long after I did those five paintings, I had the sixth in the drawing phase... Mordred.  I never did get to that one.  I think I have the original drawing somewhere... or at least I hope that I do!

Anyway, this is my version of the Lady of Shalot, a very popular subject among the Pre Raphaelites.

At the time, I had done a lot of experimentation with the image actually being part of the 'foreground', or the 'reality' of the viewer.  Hence the cracked mirror morphing into the foreground...


  1. Those are awesome. Love the story and mood of each one. Glad you found them all. The "bonus" painting blows my mind.

    1. Thanks for the kind words! It always means a lot... but even more so with these older art pieces! :-)