Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Rust-oleum paints

Moving along with our big base... I decided to break out those same colors with the properties of "sedimentation" which I demonstrated with the Happu Seppuku moulds.

These three PP colors seemed to share that property when mixed together and thinned with water.
They were Khador Red base, Skorne Red, and Blood tracker brown.

Ordinarily I just take an orange and a black to create a rust color, or use the Secret Weapon weathering powders.  But, I only had those on hand when I did the rust effects a few weeks back, so I learned something new!

I will still use the weathering powders on this, by the way...

Thinning down the mixture, I let it sink into the crevices like a glaze.  You have seen me do opaque or lighter glazes like these before .

You can see that it has the consistency of the glazes, which allows me to concentrate it in the spots where the water would collect, thus creating the rust.

Once I had a generic tone in every spot that I wanted, I could go back in with a lighter version.

This lighter version of the rust would only go in a few select areas, just to make some fun contrast.

Remember that I used a lot of blue in the gray of the metal.  This is the reason why.  It lets the rust show up by default, as a warm color against a cooler color.

Rust is added around the grating as well.

I added some blue/black to the mix, and added some oil stains in places.

So, just a few more tidbits here, which will probably be done once the figure is attached, so that I can do whatever touch ups might be required!


  1. I have a question, how do you 'finish' your models. What do you use to protect them? I have heard about Testors Dullcote, and I bought a bottle to brush on, but now I hear that if I do, it will remove the paint. What do you use?

    1. Reaper and Army Painter make some very nice brush on dullcoate that won't mess up anything on your minis :-)

    2. Is that what you use? Or is it a secret?

    3. That's what i use all the time. :-)

    4. Thanks, saves me tinkering and ruining some miniatures when I can ask you for advice. Thank you!