Wednesday, July 30, 2014

More testing of the backdrops

It seems like just about every army I have made has been very difficult to photograph... mostly due to lack of backdrops.  As you know, the Hangar 18 solution came along, so I am attempting to fix that issue! :-)

The flyers and skimmers of the Dark Eldar army presented an especially tricky problem.They were taller, wider, and more complicated in terms of color, freehand, and sheer amount of stuff going on!

Heck, I was happy enough just to try out the blue/white fade on these.  A vast improvement over the original dingy piece of drawing paper!

As usual, this is my 'classic' method of photographing figures.  There is a reason why most industry types went with this initially, since it does have a tendency to show all the surfaces of the figure in a more neutral way.

Once you get into the colors on the backdrops, you will have one aspect or another emphasized a little more.

I took images of this vehicle against several of the backdrops to see what it would look like!  I have two here...

The dark blue backdrop.  Three more tomorrow!

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