Saturday, July 12, 2014

Lizards... in Color!!!

Well, that is, ON color. :-)  Here's another round of testing of the Hangar 18 backdrops.

I took a few of the units that gave me the most trouble to photograph, due to the size and complexity.  For instance, one of my scratch built Engines of the Gods.

I never got a chance to shoot this on a color backdrop, until now.  Let's begin with the 11 x 17 blue/white fade.

Now for the second test, on a deep, rich blue and black drop.  It's interesting how a different backdrop can bring out other elements of the Engine of the Gods.

This one is very fun!  The green really brings out some of the reds, and complimenting the foliage.

Here's Tette-ekko in a whole new light!  Hangar 18 also has some spacescape backgrounds, which might be even more fun for Baby Babo!

Another direct comparison, this time with Mage Priest Babo and his Temple Guard.  First on the blue/white fade...

Then on the darker blue/gray...

And finally in GREEN!  This one is very fun!

The link for you again:


  1. Those backdrops really look good. The green is very effective. No idea what an Engine of the Gods is or does but they are superb! A long time since I played Warhammer!

  2. I prefer the blue-grey on both on my small phone screen at least - the white and green seem to wash out their matching and complimentary colors while the grey lets the midranges and up stand out. The green helps the bright green stand out but mutes the midrange. Regardless of backdrop, your work remains a tremendous inspiration. Thanks for taking the time to post!