Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hanging out in the desert

OK... more testing of the Hangar 18 backdrops!

I started out by taking pictures on the standard fade.  Even this was just a fantasy a few weeks ago.  Having the huge backdrop was fantastic!

I could do so many more angles.  Normally, if I try to get "adventurous" with my angles, I end up with exposed corners that have to be retouched out of the image.

Let's see how this looks on one of the other backdrops.  I was REALLY eager to see how this one would work with my Tomb Kings!  For obvious reasons. :-)

This was an objective marker that I made out of one of my terrain pieces.  That same sphinx was everywhere, including on my scratch built Screaming Skull catapult.

One last view.  The browns really play off the greens.  I will be trying this out with two other back drops, so look out for that!

Speaking of scratch built catapults... here it is!

Check it out in brown!  Again, lots of new shots to test out, and a whole army to do that with!!!!

Stay tuned!

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