Monday, July 7, 2014

A little bit of weathering...

Time to finish off the last of the details on those Wild West Exodus bases.

Using those Happy Seppuku moulds, this set ended up having some more weathering than originally anticipated.  It just felt that I should put some more of it on them. :-)

It will probably add some more details to them once I add the figures themselves.

I see myself adding something fun for each character.  For example... some cow pies for the cattle rustling episode!

I was glad that I still had some of the plastic deck plating texture left.  It is fun to paint, especially with a touch of rust.

I may also add the 180 degree lines of arc on the bases as well, since that can be important for playing the game.

And now for a few shots of the entire set!

I really am looking forward to having some of the figures attached to these.  It always places the base in such a different context.

One last view!  It will probably be a number of hours before the next post, since we will be getting on the road very early tomorrow morning!


  1. Such lovely bases. I just imagine placing one of my models on the base, and suddenly realizing how poorly painted my models are compared to those base works of art :).

    1. Hehe... I remember the days when we were so proud of ourselves for putting static grass on our bases :-)