Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Stowing away some Secret Weapon

I have been compiling and saving a bunch of stuff for a special project... putting stowage on a Secret Weapon tank.

I did some google searching for some ideas...

That's quite a load!

In addition to the RAV 6 x 6 tank from Secret Weapon, I have a variety of items.  I have some sandbags from Secret Weapon, some Highland Guard bits from Victoria miniatures, as well as model tank bits from Tamyia and even some metal pieces from Reaper Miniatures!

I wanted to have a tank commander, so that meant carefully shaving off the top of the hatch.

Applying the first of the sandbags.

I had to make sure that the sandbags didn't interfere with the heavy bolter/heavy flamer... and even the main turret!

Stuff is starting to pile up!

I also want to have some Victoria Mniatures Highland Guard sitting on the outside of the tank as well.

This view shows you some of the GW bits I had been saving.

Much more to come!  I will also be 'wetting down' the sandbags so that they sit a little more naturally.  I didn't want to do that until everything was glued on.  Stay tuned!!


  1. Quite an awesome kit bashing you have here. Looking forward to it's continued progress! Man looks so cool already!

  2. That looks like it'll be great when it's all put together. When stacking the sand bags, I would suggest starting with the lowest levels and building up. Currently some of those bags look like they would fall off as soon as the tank starts to move :)

    Also, don't forget gravity and visible attachment points for bags and cannisters. The mistake lots of people make (me included on some earlier tanks) is to just stick everything on and it can look fine, but sometimes bits are just suspended in the air for no reason, so have nothing to stop them from falling off the tank. Webbing, straps and hooks are your friend

    1. of course, you know all this already, so I'll keep quiet ;)

    2. Yes, as I mentioned, there is a lot more to do. This is just the initial positioning. I have to wait to do the strapping and such until I wet down the sandbags and such :-)