Tuesday, June 3, 2014

One more time into the breach!

Well, since internet and printer issues have kept me from doing everything else I was supposed to do today, we have the conclusion of the Martinsville ridge conflict.

Tucked into those buildings are hard line German troops.  One of them is an objective for the Americans, but I will have to simply feign interest in that, so that I can concentrate on the left and center.

We see here some evidence that even the best strategies can go haywire... as evidenced by the equivalent of three '1's'... ouch!  Someone needs remedial target practice.

And this would be one of the reasons I spent all those early turns getting the armor into position, and even why I went ahead with the extra armor unit.  The tide of iron surges forward (with the help of  fighters overhead) and wipes out another unit.  It also means I have an objective!

Some long range artillery shots force the tank units off of that objective... using the "ignore terrain" element.  Other attacks fail to hit home (those darn stars again!)

Another card for the center!  The armored unit go back up onto the hill.

A desperate dash for Hill 122 by the Germans leads to a few dead Shermans.  Hill 122 (indicated by the iron cross) is now open... or is it?

In response to all the deadly artillery fire from the Axis lines, the GI's call in a big barrage!!  Unfortunately, it is just as accurate as the US artillery in Kelley's Heroes.

The Fuhrer himself orders the last remaining Panzers to deny the Americans their prize!

This was a card that I played to shuffle my hand.  I had run out of cards for the center, and this RECON card allows me to draw two and pick the one I want.

In the meantime, my air squadron continued its harassment of the German units, denying them cover, and also strafing...

Here is the card that I was seeking!  Action in the center... but for the Germans.  Cowed by the Fuhrer's demands, the last armored unit pushes forward into a murderous hail of fire...

Fire from above, from the hilltops, the hedges, and the tank units!  Let the Panzer turrets fly!  Flames burst as ammunition explodes, and the Victorious Allies liberate more of Europe...

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