Monday, June 30, 2014

No need for the blues when you have sprues!

While not everyone who will read this will have the Happy Seppuku moulds that I used on the sculpey, you all have sprues!

Yes, they are everywhere... in boxes, in piles, on the floor...

The new generation of sprues (in this case by Wild West Exodus) struck me as being ideal for making pipes and conduits.

I cut up a few of them to see how they might work out.  There are a few limitations, as you don't want them to get in the way of the miniatures.  It is also somewhat difficult, to "anchor" the ends of these sprue pieces.

Here we have one more of the sci-fi patterns from Happy Seppuku moulds.  As before, I pressed a sheet of sculpey with the mould to get the texture, and baked it afterwards.

I used some cork to serve as a platform for the sculpey pieces and sprues.

I had a few chunks of the plasticard deck plating, so I put that as an accent on a few of the larger bases.

All the pieces combined.  The sprue is anchored at one end with a 'brick' of sculpey.

The next base.  This time I will use the flat end of the sprue to glue to the metal plates.

Still, it is anchored at one end.

On this base, I put in a few of my trusty small scale conduits.

On a smaller base, I used one of the sprue chunks to create a vignette, with two un-anchored points.

I followed that up with a few more bases using the sprues... I like the curved pieces, since it means I can easily keep it out of the way of the miniature's footprint.

This one had a very low to the ground sprue, so a figure could easily step over it.

An all sculpey base for the last one in the set.

The set as a whole.  Lots of fun!  I will show you some WIP images of the painting process, just like the first set.


  1. Recycling gallore !! Incredible what you can do with stuff you'd normally throw away :-)

    1. It is a lot of fun to see how many different ways that you can repurpose junk! :-)

  2. This is brilliant! Anbd there was I wonering how to base my marines

    1. Thanks! I hope you have lots of fun with sprues!

  3. Great looking bases.