Monday, June 2, 2014

A place to hang out

This is from the Military Pinup series by Hangar 18... the US Army Ranger girl.

I decided to put the jeep hood and the figure on a Secret Weapon plinth, with the thought that I could repeat the US star and the rivet patterns on it.

To do so, I cut up tiny slivers of plastic rod, which were then glued in place.

Ready to prime!!

I have been using a variety of Vallejo military inspired primers lately.  I enjoy priming green, and then letting some of that show through transparent layers of skin tones and so on.

A dark brown and an olive drab green were used for the initial layers.

Once the primer was covered, I started to mix in more of the lighter olive green.

An even lighter, grayed down green was used for subsequent layers, all the while working with the #6 filbert brush.

Then it was time to see what I should do with the iconography.  I didn't want the logo on the base to overpower the figure, so that would have to be worn away, and covered with rust, dirt, etc.

The symbol is ready for some preliminary weathering.

The symbol on the hood will also be worn away a bit.

A beat up craft brush was used to press in a few quick paint chips and other worn surfaces.

Sorry this is fuzzy!  The macro got turned off, but you can get the idea.  Rust and dirt streaks through the icon to tone it down.

More rust!  I will add some finishing layers with Secret Weapon weathering powders at the very end.

Mostly there.  The base is about 80% complete.  I wanted to see how that was going to look before I did too much on the figure.  Stay tuned for more!


  1. That is off to an impressive start! One of my two favorite pinup prints as well, the other is the recon sniper girl. Great step by step photo shoot too. I usually paint my vicks factory fresh, but am thinking some rusty, dusty, muddy veterans would be fun to do; I'm also sorely tempted to try the paint chip effect with salt. I think I may seek some old 40k ork vics from storage and play a bit! ;)

    1. Thanks! I can't wait to show the finished images of the whole piece!

  2. You lucky bastard! I couldn't get in on that one, but I'll snap them up as soon at they go into gnereal release. Especially the 54mm ladies :) I did however just recently put in my TGG pledge manager order - so excited!!!

    1. Yes indeed! Those TGG are spectacular... and the amazing thing is how many incredible sculpts were created!

  3. Very nice idea for a base! I love your painting technique.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, and for checking out the blog!!