Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Worth the wait?

Here's something a long time in coming.  I had this thing around forever, just waiting for paint one day.  It was a practice mini for weathering and a test for painting the crystal bases.

These old Confrontation Wolfen figures were always favorites of mine.  I am glad that I waited so long, so that I could do much more fun things with him.  I have learned a lot since those days!!!

The base is a design that I sculpted for CoolMini and the Groundwerks line.  Eventually, that basing technique would be one of the Painting Pyramid basing videos.

He is also here :


  1. It's funny to see such a great painter having saved his confrontation models. I've been waiting to get better at NMM before even working on mine. It'll probably be a few years before I finally feel competent enough lol.

    1. Thanks! It really was a good idea. I have learned so many things since then!!

  2. I found myself conflicted when looking at this one. I usually like your paintjobs and I love the confrontation line and this particular is on a shelf awaiting my skills and confidence getting to the point where i feel I can do it justice.

    But somehow this one didnt do it for me. Im having troubble putting my finger on why though. It might be how dark it is, the weathering or just the skullmask thats too yellow.

    Its technically good but somehow fails to catch me and move me. Sorry