Friday, May 16, 2014

Work in progress... the beginnings of color on the scratch built raider.

Here are some images of the partially painted Land Raider scratch build (see previous posts for images of the unpainted vehicle).  It is about 50% complete.

Again, all of the weaponry was made with the extra firm gray sculpey.  It worked very well for that process!

The sponsons and turrets are all removeable, and can turn in any direction.

The various parts and weapons can be exchanged with the other land raider, which was given storm bolter sponsons.

Eventually, I will get to finish this guy!  I have a TON of freehand to do.  It will be a lot more like the eggshell Grey Knight Land raiders you saw at Adepticon.

It was fun to actually take some pictures of this.  I had not even looked at it in years!  It was tucked away in a cabinet... so far back that I had not noticed it was even there!

When I do finish this off, I will take many more images for you!

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