Sunday, May 25, 2014

They march again!!!!

Here's some stuff that has been stashed in boxes for so long!

The last time the whole shebang has been out on the table was before Adepticon 2013.

It was nice, but also sad, to see the Tomb Kings out on the table again.

It suddenly reminded me of why they ended up languishing in the box for so long.  So unplayable.  Bummer!!!

Then we get to a game that is still very playable... Lord of the Rings!

Here's me new spider unit, that is waiting to team up with my Easterling cavalry.

Itsy bitsy spiders... and Saurumon!!!  With an orb... and sad lonely hankey boy.

Easterlings!  My guys!  Always ready to kick some Gondor ass.

And the Angriest Elves in Middle Earth.  They ain't leavin'.  Screw the Grey Havens.

Someday... these guys will be good again.  Someday.

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