Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The man in Black

Now here is something that was years in the making.  I first sculpted this figure in 2008.  Long long ago, back when I was making heavily converted terminators out of Space Wolf space marines :-)

He was destined to be a special Inquisitor character in my Demonhunters army... decked out in terminator armor and master crafted lightning claws.

Since How to Paint Black is a video that is on the list of new ones to create, I am going to start fooling around with various armored miniatures to see what that would entail.  In this case, I wanted it to be a shinier black.

I don't know if the video would include any OSL, but a tiny bit might actually be very useful!

He is also here at:


  1. Do you use a thick layer of plasticard for most of your scenic bases (the top flat area)?

    1. It is done with sculpey. If you check out the basing section of the blog, you will see dozens of articles on that!

    2. Ah.. Thank you! Love your work, I pull a lot of my inspiration from this site.

    3. Glad to be of service! :-)