Monday, May 5, 2014

Tanks for the minis

All right!  Time for some shots combining the Secret Weapon wrecked tank sections with some actual minis!

Of course, we have Victoria Miniatures Highland Moss Guard hanging out in the shade.

This will really show you how well these sections scale up to 28mm miniatures.

It's one thing to say the such and such part of the table is terrain with a flipped over tank or a piece of paper, but in this day and age of TLOS, hiding behind a true piece of vehicle has more meaning.

I love the two turret cut out sections.  It's very fun to have a mini sitting in there. :-)

It was very easy to get the whole squad inside the sections as well.

The only problem is, these lads are mighty upset that someone has busted up their tank!

This was certainly a different sight out in front of the house.  This was Friday morning right before Cathy left for Penguicon.

When she got back, there was a fun new bag for Jeero to hang out inside!

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