Friday, May 2, 2014

Irina from Raging Heroes!

Hey folks!  Still a huge mess in the studio.  

I was unpacking all the stuff I hauled back with me, making a bigger mess, when the boxes showed up with the rest of the stuff that I could not carry back from last week. :-)

Between that and shipping out a bunch of boxes today, I have not gotten a lot cleaned up!

However, I was able to get this figure completed.  It was just posted in the Raging Heroes update on the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy!

She would certainly make an excellent addition to any command squad.

These views also show the neat digital pad she is using, as well as the Flight Deck base from Secret Weapon Miniatures.

I will be working on many more of these wonderful minis in the next few weeks, so get ready for more of the TGG.


  1. Lovely work as always James.

    I just got my email from Raging Heroes about the new update and saw this girl front and centre - you are doing a cracking job selling the range - the three models you have done so far have been brilliant.

    As an aside - I still marvel at how those bases pulled together - I had a try on a set of my own and got part way there, but getting that worn/dirty look to pull together cohesively with the rest of the base was still a struggle (practice makes perfect they say so I just need to keep going back and reapplying the fundamentals you demonstrated in your article) - the mini on top obviously helps sell the effect.