Thursday, May 22, 2014

Getting there

The Minx Studio Minotaur is getting closer and closer to completion!  I think today will do the trick.

I have been working back into the midtones with the semi transparent layers of paint.  From there, I work a bit lighter still.

This is also the stage where I introduce some 'opposing' colors.  For example, I increased the amount of yellow on the bow, but also more green on the quiver.

That contrasted with all of the reddish colors nicely, and also served to bring some of the cooler gray colors up from the rocks/ground.

I also introduced some more light colors on the horns and face.

More refinement to come, and then it will be time to add flock, grass, etc!


  1. Do you have a rough estimate for your total time spent on the Minotaur? (I'm curious). It's hard to get a gauge of time spent from photos!

    1. Again, it's very hard to say, since I am working on many other things at the same time. I never sit down and paint a minis from start to finish. My guess is that it will end up being around 10 hours total. Could be a little more... or less.

    2. That's pretty amazing. Excellent detail and technique, and still pretty fast!

    3. Thanks! He's all done now! Go check him out :-)