Monday, May 19, 2014

Colonel Klink... you are a dumkoff!

All right, some pictures of the other Germal special units... this time some Gestapo.

This is what they looked like right before the glazes.

Just after the glazing, using the Black Shade from Vallejo, and the various Reaper liner paints.

Details are added, as well as a bit of mud and dirt.

Ready to fight!

To make the initial layers of paint on the hexes, I had a green, a brown and a black.  I used a beat up craft brush to apply the colors, changing the locations and allowing them to blend together.

OK!  We have the Italian unit, the Waffen SS, and now the Gestapo.

Painted vs unpainted.

This image has the Gestapo, the unpainted, and a unit of regulars that Rich painted.

Another shot with a comparison of the regular next to the specials.

Lots of infantry here!  The Americans are on the right.


  1. I look forward to seeing you base these minis with your usual skill!

    1. I have some of the first ones under way!