Friday, May 9, 2014

Arcadians revealed

I have been getting these new figures from Victoria Miniatures ready for some paint this week.  I thought you might like a few images of the sprues!

As with every other variety of Guardsman, the idea is that it's all interchangeable.

What's interesting about this particular set is the female proportions.  By that I mean the they have been scaled to be slightly smaller than the male counterparts (a future post on that coming soon!).

The torsos a wee bit smaller, the arms as well.  Not so much that it is blatantly obvious, however.

Victoria always makes every effort to keep things in scale, and it is done quite masterfully with the female Arcadian Rifles.

You can see that ample amounts of command and weapon options are provided.  Between that and the extra heads, you can really customize your squads.

Of course, ten bases are provided as well.  So, on to the assembly!


  1. Very cool! I'd pre-ordered a few squads of the new Arcadians as well - does this mean they've started shipping, or did you get a pre-release set for being, well, you? Hah!

    Really looking forward to seeing what you do with 'em!

    1. They were given to me for the purposes of these "unboxing" posts, as I am the painting lab rat ;-)