Friday, April 4, 2014

Let the games begin

As some of you already know, there was this small matter of the tournament yesterday.

Many of you also know that I have never been a fan of 6th edition, and I become less so every time I play it.  Yesterday was a confirmation of why I look to play other games instead. :-)

However, the games needed to be played, and those newly painted minis had to get some action!!!!!

The first game was against a top 16 player, who had a high powered eldar/DE list.  This is where I would learn about the dreaded triple play of re-roll misses, re roll saves, and deny all cover.  It would make for a very long day, and potentially cookie cutter games...

At least I got to set up the ADL! :-) never got much use out of it though, as it would turn out.

I knew I had done a lot of minis, but seeing them in one mass like this actually scared me quite a bit!  Yikes!  Who was insane enough to paint all those?  That guy needs help.

As you can imagine, the Brookfield Zoo arrived quickly.  With all the re-rollable saves, it was not hard to arrive mostly intact.

Holy smokes!  At the walls!  Not to worry... Sergeant McGerggar stands proud at the gate...

Then there were less Highlanders.

Girl Power!  Saint Morrigan leads the Seraphim in a valiant counterstrike!

Then they all went away.  Rinse and repeat.

The second game was bound to be a donnybrook... a throw down between Guard/Inquisition and Guard/Inquisition!!!  We just had to find out whose methods would triumph.

All the troops set up in the snow.  We did have close to 100 inches this winter, after all.  Get out your snowshoes!

It really was fun and satisfying to see everything set up on the table like this,

More Guard!  And they brought giant rockets...

Student body right.  Getting whacked behind a wall that seemed to be invisible, with all the psychic aided twin liked weapons and no cover saves.  So, might as well start moving out.   Terrain pieces were an important objective here.

This pesky guy had been a thorn in the side of the Sisters, so he would have to be dealt with...
So, would the Sisters and their Highland Guard succumb to frostbite?  Would they withstand the constant barrage of missiles?

Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion.


  1. Ah, yes. You've discovered that 6th is the "There's Cover Saves Everywhere, but You Can't Use Them" edition. It's startling how many 6th Edition books have the ability to deny cover outright. Armies that aren't in powered armor get pulped by all the Ignores Cover weaponry and powers out there.

    1. Yes... made me sad. Longing for a nice big Lord of the Rings tourney...

  2. Thankfully I still have RT to vr4! I've also moved on to other SciFi skirmish rules. I still buy the occasional GW kit, because they are pretty! ;) I don't miss the tourney-scene either. There are players with beautiful forces and some with fluff faithful forces, but I do not miss the power armies one bit. It was those players that sucked the fun out of the contest. I still participate in the painting contests because that is still fun and I haven't met one champion yet that wasn't a nice person. The fun is still there in that contest! ;)

    1. ...and your FenGuard and Sisters look great! The Rough Riders look especially tough! ;)

    2. Thanks! They never did get to do the one thing I hoped they could... that is, use the pointy power sticks to wipe out a squad of marines on an objective.

  3. I'm in agreement with you wappellious, 6th edition is no good. Pushed me off to other games for the first time in many years. Your army looks amazing as always, gotta respect that.
    I moved on to Dropzone Commander, fantastic game, very balanced. It's 10mm, but makes for amazing battlefields.
    Thanks for the blog, I refer to it often for inspiration!

    1. It does mean a lot to me that people get something out of all the madness on the blog!!! Thanks for watching! :-)