Thursday, April 24, 2014

Just say no to crack

Okay folks.  A little exercise in home repairs (don't worry, there are pictures of miniatures later on!)

As many of you know, I have had a running battle with water in the basement, now that every storm brings 3 inches of rain.  I had taken care of every other leak, but this one was tough.

First, all that is on the other side of this wall is dirt, which means it had to be fixed from the inside.

No problem, I thought!  All I have to do is peel off the nasty, very thin 1970's style paneling, get at the crack, and poof!

Not so.  What awaited me behind that paneling was 1 inch thick tongue and groove oak flooring!  Ouch.  You can see the implements of destruction required to hack through it.

Once that was done, I dug out the crack, just as you would do with plaster or drywall.

Then, some special silicone compound stuffed into the crack...

Beginning to spread that out to either side and smooth it down.

Just about finished!

Leave it to Wage, the Homeowner's handy Uglydoll.  The hardest working stuffed animal in Wappelville... besides me, of course!

Yes, I promised you pretty pictures of minis.  So, we have Queen Adrielle from Reaper Miniatures

I have painted this figure a few times, and it is very fun, despite the elegant simplicity!


  1. WTF?! Why do you have floors inside your walls?! I love home renos. i had to redo a vast portion of my basement thanks to water damage last year too. I feel your pain. Lovely mini though ;)

    1. Believe it or not, this is the ONE section that has the crazy armor plating underneath the paneling! Even on the same wall, there is a much larger stretch which has none of that!

    2. Maybe M.C. Escher owned it before you? If you have upside down stairs coming out of your windows that's a dead giveaway ;)

    3. He he... actually, that was the house of the contractor who built most of the houses in the neighborhood 50+ years ago. It is a bit of a Frankenhouse... or a HouseGolem, as I have taken to calling it!

  2. Probably the best tutorial ever ;)

    1. Thanks! That wss just so bizarre, I had to include it!