Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Heading out West in a great Exodus

Here's an unboxing post showing the goodies inside the Wild West Exodus starter box.  It is a very impressive haul!  This is a view of the starter box...

Everything is wrapped up inside quite nicely!

So much stuff inside!  Counters, cards, rulers, templates, pocket rule book... everything you would need to set up and play right out of the box.

Some of the special characters and the light warbikes are in resin.  I will get to the assembly of these when I get back, and show you what that's all about.  The same goes for the plastic troops.  It all looks like it will go together very well.

A close up of the Lawmen plastic sprue and the cards.  If you get some card protectors, you will be good to go!

Now for the Outlaws.  Again, plenty of fun stuff.  Theses are not the only factions.  There is the Union faction, the Warrior Nations, the Enlightened, and Mercenaries.

A close up of the dice, templates, and counters.  Very cool.

Now for some examples of the incredible miniatures (these are not painted by me BTW! can't take credit for that).  These are from the Union Faction.

Friggin huge!

Even more huge!  Very nice resin kits.  I look forward to painting the Wild West miniatures over the course of this year.  Stay tuned for more.


  1. I certainly entertained getting into this Kickstarter, but I have too many others as it it. Looking forward to seeing them painted up by you