Saturday, April 5, 2014

Charge of the Light Brigade!

Game three... not as many pictures, since it was mostly 3 Thunderfire cannons ignoring cover every turn.  Remove minis, repeat.

It was a really nice looking board, though, with a mat that matched the terrain perfectly!

All set up, looking for some action.

Had to get all the way across the board, so I had anything that could move quickly on the right flank...

They could move faster, however, with a pair of drop pods.  How I long for my old 4th edition Demonhunters.  Would have been an interesting 'welcome committee' waiting for them :-)

The only action of note was Mogul Kamir leading the wolf riders to victory over the scouts in the speeders, with a little help from Saint Morrigan.

I actually did kill a lot of stuff from the Smurfs.  Probably more than in any other game.  I think just about all of their mobile units were gone...

Then onto game four, the Tide Changes...


  1. Very cool looking games and models!

    1. Thanks! It is very cool to see two painted armies on a nifty table!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing your games with us!

    1. I am glad that they were not too drab for people to check out! I normally don't get to post many of these...