Monday, April 21, 2014

Base Camp

As I was gathering together base samples to take with me to Reapercon, it was then that I realized just how many bases I had created!

Keep in mind, I forgot that a slew of snow bases was still downstairs, not included in any of these photos.  This first group shows the forest and swamp bases.  Most of them were created using Apoxy Sculpt with a touch of green stuff.

Another view.  In addition to the other clays, I used some sculpey and even cork.

These are the kinds of bases that will be the focus of the basing class.  That would be the marble, tile and cobblestone variety.

Here we have a number  of complex bases.  The Demon Marble bases and Mosaic tile... each with their own 100 minute video!

Plus, we have some old movement trays that I made for my Lizardman army.  All made from sculpey.

An overhead shot of the collection.

A slightly better view of the Lizard theme sculpey.

A bigger shot of the whole group.  There are even some Ice/crystal bases and wood planks.

Ground level!  The bases in the middle are from the Sci-fi series.

Happy bunnies at easter with special treats!!!

Close up on the mosaic tiles.  They are very fun, but also far too complex to tackle in such a short period as the class.  That's why I did the videos. :-)


  1. Great looking pieces of terrain! Unusual, inspired and excellent work!

  2. Nice work.
    I noticed you used the tile bases on the models you showed in your battle report a while ago. Did the large amount of overhang on the bases interfere with game play at all? Any difficulty in making base contact, or in measuring to the base rims for templates or ranges with the overhangs?

    1. There has never been a problem. The overhangs are not that extreme, and they don't go all the way around the base, which means that a slight turn of the figure will get it to touch...

    2. Good to know! The pics exaggerate the overhand, methinks.

    3. Also, keep in mind that they are 'overhangs' which means that the bases can slide underneath each other :-)