Monday, March 24, 2014

The rockets red glare

After numerous changes to the list here and there for a variety of reasons, it has been determined that there is only one Exorcist tank.  Time is definitely a consideration, as it took a number of hours to create this conversion.

Obviously, I used a Secret Weapon RAV 6 x 6 chassis for the basis of the vehicle.  Some of you might be familiar with the extra armor skirts that I created for it a while back, which I used for the Weathering and Battle Damage video.

Using some bits, some plasticard and polystyrene tubing, I worked furiously to get this thing completed.

There were some other things I had intended to do with it.. such as creating a driver (I had even saved some parts), but the clock has run out, and I have to move on.

Still, I think it gets the idea across!

There was something else as well.  I used up the last of my large gauge tubing on this turret, and there's no way I can get more in time.

I put a hatch in place of the driver for now.  Again, more stuff was planned, but I had to be able to get at everything with the brushes in a limited amount of time!

Some shots of the turret primed, which helps to eliminate all the distractions of the kaleidoscope of colors!  I am painting this now, so pictures late tomorrow night!

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