Monday, March 31, 2014

The full set...

So, I promised group shots of the Command Squad.  Here you go!

They are created mostly from Victoria's Highland Moss Guard, but other bits were combined as well.  The medic is an older GW figure from the 5th edition boxed set.

The broken columns are from Secret Weapon Miniatures.

I really had a lot of fun with these guys.  While the regular troops are great to work with as well, you know that these command squads are the place where you can go wild with conversions, bitz, and so on!

These are the only 5 figures with this Tartan pattern, which means they won't get mixed up in a scrum... especially the ones not carrying a huge flag! ;-)

Let's just hope they are effective out on the table as well!

I look forward to creating more additions to this unit.  Or make a higher ranking squad with astropaths and ordinance chiefs, etc.

Time is just about closing down for Adepticon.  Wish I had more, obviously...

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  1. Goodness me - I've just found your blog (via Frothing Muppet) and I have to say these are some of the loveliest conversions I've seen in rather a long time...!

    Consider yourself followed...

    - Drax.