Sunday, March 2, 2014

The brain trust of Slime Bay

OK!  It is now time for some group shots.  There are so many figures for this time, most of the group shots will have to be broken down into sections.

To begin, we start out with three re-roll markers.  Man, those little Nurglings like to party!

Any opposing player that strays to close to the Slime Bay sideline could be looking for serious trouble.

Snack time in the swamp!

Rah rah!  Cheerleaders and pennants!

Glory of the Swamp!

I had a lot of fun painting these three minis in particular, although the two big guys were a lot of work!!

More Nurglings... this time giving the Coach a ride...

I didn't realize just how many of the little guys I had painted until I saw all these together!

Next I have to take pictures of the 16 Rotters... that should be fun!

Here are a few final looks at the Coaching Staff.

Seeing them all together like this is very satisfying.  A lot of work went into this team, to say the very least!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Glad you liked these guys! It was definitely a challenging project!

  2. Good paint jobs in some horrible miniatures.