Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pieces and parts!

As you have already heard... lots going on for Adepticon!  Lots of Victoria Miniatures and Secret Weapon products.  You can see the bike bases and the barrels.  I have some fun posts coming your way on those barrels!!

The tin above had enough parts in it to make almost 40 Highland Moss Guard.

A box of Sisters.  Not all of this will be used.  Quite a bit less of it in fact.  Way less than I had anticipated.

Some of the painted Secret Weapon bases just waiting for minis!

Hoping to have 4 ten man squads... gonna be interesting!!

Another squad nearly assembled.

Painting en mass!!

Psst... don't tell anyone, but these will be posted in a few posts next week.  It's a secret, just between us. Be veeeeery quiet.


  1. What!! You already have miniatures from TGG??? :-O

    P.D.: I just love Tania Tanker :-)

    1. No... this is just a test cast, and since I am the painter, it found it's way to me so they could make their announcement tomorrow. :-)

  2. Always great to see new content here, I'm a big fan of your work. These ladies look fantastic, can't wait to see more pics of them!

  3. The gal from the WW2 poster looks really good. What blue do you use for denim?

    1. Thanks! There was no specific blue. I took a generic navy blue and mixed it with some of the lighter flesh colors for the lights, and mixed a bit of brown for the shadows. I even glazed a bit of blue black over that.

      Some weathering powders were used to give it a more dusty look as well.