Friday, March 21, 2014

Jam session

Welcome to the Headbanger's Ball... bagpipe style!

The command squad continues with another fine Highland Moss Guard figure from Victoria Miniatures.  I love the bagpipe guys!  I have this piper near a broadcast mechanism, so that all the lad can do a jig as they march into battle.

I had to come up with a tartan pattern that was different from all the other units... clearly so.  They will, in all likelihood, be right in the middle of a giant blob 'o Guard.  Lots of kilts and plaid in a confined area!

Next up, I will show you the Quad Gun that I just made for the ADL.

Thanks again to Victoria for creating something so unique!!!


  1. Hah! I wasn't wrong about hearing the piper! :)

    Great stuff, man - loving the tartan!

    1. Not even a tin foil helmet can stop the music!!!