Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Frankenfigures can fight too!

Another color test figure for you!  The first of the lowly (but mean as snakes) conscripts.  Sure, most of them don't have armor.  Or helmets.  They can't shoot straight, either.  But what do they care!

As long as they have a pointy stick and some woad, they are good to go.

This is yet another part of the army story playing itself out.  They represent the lowest rung of this particular society... in which the Sororitas are the top.

There are a variety of bitz at use here.  Some GW pieces (Ork Stikbomb and lasgun) with a Victoria miniatures backpack.

I can never remember the name of the manufacturer of the Ancient Celt figures!  Wish I could...

Anyway, lots more of these guys on the way!!!


  1. I'd love to see the list forming this army. Its great to watch an idea take shape :D

    1. There is nothing terribly fancy, but all sorts of stuff that has very specific story related reasons for being part of the army!

  2. Great painting as always.

    The Celt came from Warlord Games.

    1. Thanks! I keep forgetting... although I thought that was who made them. Really nice figures for the price!!