Saturday, March 8, 2014

Doin' some hard time

This unlucky bugger is headed into the fray with nothing but a used lasgun, a shiv, and some prison tats.

He is part of Victoria Miniatures Penal Guard.  As with the other variations, it is a 10 man unit, with command and weapon options.

I am including a unit of these guys with my conscripts to emphasize their lowly status in the theme of my army.  There are lots of fun little details that accentuate the prisoner status.  Chains, collars... some ankle jewelry and such.

Many more of these guys on the way!!

Their bases will probably have the most debris on them, since they are true cannon fodder.  They are not much more than a little mortar in the defense perimeter.  The more you kill, the more padding there is for the Aegis defense line!

Of course, Chenkov might just call in another batch if the ranks get too thin.. :-)

A size comparison to the Highland Moss Guard.  And a link:

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