Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Always police your brass

A few items here.  First, another wonderful mini from Victoria, part of the Highland Moss Guard series.  The kneeling versions offer so much flexibility.  They can be used for weapons teams, or for fun poses such as this, interacting with the base.

In addition, there are some shell casings from Secret Weapon miniatures on the base (which was made from backed sculpey, by the way!).

The shell casings add a wonderful extra detail.  Just a few here and there enhance the theme greatly.

I am working on the last tartan pattern now... pics of that either late tonight or tomorrow!


  1. Love the tattoos - great little addition, really gives 'em some character. Beautiful work!

    1. Thanks! That is the one element that is supposed to help tie in the guys with the Gals in the army :-)