Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A no fly zone

I have to say, I am really looking forward to shooting some clay pigeons this year.  Of course, the meta may have changed so much that nobody takes them anymore... or not span them as much.

It is my belief that this year's tables are going to see much more terrain on them.  Along the lines of previous years.  That would have been way more helpful last year, but I think it can still assist this group.

While the crazy conversions/scratch builds look fun when they are in the unprimed stage, I really like seeing them all painted!

This was a fun little project, and one that will make the army board look even better.  It should also help out a bit during games.  The ADL was huge in the test game that we played.

Yes, the Highland Moss Guard approves!  Victoria's finest have claimed this for themselves!

Ready, aim FIRE!


  1. By chance do you happen to have any of the build picture to post? I have numerous IG auto cannons that I have been saving for something just like this.

    1. There is another post that shows the unpainted version... no images of the building process. I just sawed off the autocannons a little in front of the drum magazine. The rest was attaching plasticard and bits to one chunk of sculpey :-)