Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A bit of dust... in conclusion.

Ok!  Here are some images of the weathered Secret Weapon bases.

I used the Secret Weapon weathering powders to add some effects.  Nothing fancy, just down & dirty.

You can mix the pigments together, so I put a few out on the palette.  For this batch, I used them completely dry, forgoing the usual addition of the fixer and rubbing alcohol.

Finished!  A little reinforcement of the edges and some of the freehand.

I will probably add more things to these... such as the shell casings!!

Obviously, it will be very easy to base any kind of miniature on these... no issues with the 'footprints'!

Again, I could have gone way fancier, but went for simple.

Now for the other set.

Just like the Flight Deck series, the Deck Plating comes in a pack of ten unique bases.

Very fun!

Can't wait to have shell casings and miniatures on these!!!


  1. Very nice - how do you seal the powder afterwards? Spray varnish?

    1. While I do use spray on dullcoate, Secret Weapon makes a brush on sealer product.

    2. You will want to experiment with the sealer, since there are actually some interesting effects you can do with it...

  2. These bases are superb! What are going to be walking on these?

    1. The flight deck bases will have a lot of Raging Heroes figures from their Kickstarter (a few on Monday, in fact). The Deck plating would be the Highland Guard...

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  3. James, would you be so kind as to share the color palette you used while painting these bases? I'm painting up some Necromunda models, and those bases would look great with them. Thanks!