Saturday, February 15, 2014

Who put this here?

Darn cannons keep blasting all the pillars.  Busts those buggers up, and we keep tripping over them!

Talk about running with scissors.

More fun with Sky Earth Non Metal Metallics!  As I have mentioned on the previous posts, I have had a lot of fun painting this effect with different colors.  For instance, most of the blades have mixtures of purplish gray, blue grey, sky blue, a bit of off white tinted yellow, muted greens... and even some yellow here and there if the hat feather is close enough!

Sort of like this fellow. :-)


  1. I am really liking these fellows! I have not figured out the nonmetal metalics yett, but it is a skill I plan on aqquiring soon. I am tired of wrecking brushes with metallic paints! ;)

    1. It was obviously very different for me, coming from the 2D side of things, where there is no metallic paint. :-)

    2. Yep, Kendal Illustration 1994! ;) none of my pastels, colored pencils, inks, watercolors, or oils have metal flakes in em! Of course I'm more draw than doesn't flow, so I have to beat the paint into submission! ;)

    3. It is very liberating using a 2D painting approach on minis, since I don't have to worry about color formulas and such. :-)