Sunday, February 16, 2014

The third time around...

OK, the last of the Marneus conversions, this time with some WIP images.
These give you a decent idea of where green stuff and brown stuff was used, etc.

The helmet was made by cutting away part of it so that I could create that Grey Knight shape.

Even more plastic bits were used on this version.

At last, some paint!

Each one of these had a very different personality.

As I looked at this one more closely, I can see that I had to replace the wax parts of the purity seals as well.  I had lots of Ultramarine symbols to get rid of!!!

Just like the other versions, this one weighed a ton.

Views from above...


  1. Very nice.
    I especially like the way you did the helmet.
    Very sharp contrasts between left and right.

    When you say brownstuff,
    do you mean the brown Milliput?
    Or the brown Magic Sculpt?

    C ya

    1. Brown stuff is made by the same folks who do green stuff. It works in a similar way, but it holds and edge better and is stiffer. That does make it harder to so organic style details, which is what the green stuff is for.

  2. I'm amazed, I'd LOVE to have a Vulcan done in this style but doubt I could afford it.

  3. I'd LOVE to have Vulcan done like this, but I doubt I could afford it.