Monday, February 10, 2014

Making use of the bases

Another Sister in this scheme, utilizing another one of those decorative marble bases.

I used to do these marble style bases for just about everything... especially 40k stuff.  Not only was it easier to place the relatively flat feet of the figures onto the bases, it was easier to identify them as well.  I could put all sorts of markings on the base to not only designate which army it was from, but rank, weapons, and so on.

Yes, I was asked one day it is was possible for me to play a game of 40k using only my bases... and I could answer yes! ;-)


  1. Which reminds me to ask:
    how do you attach your figures to your bases?
    Pin in the feet, hole in the base, and then?
    Superglue in the hole, or superglue against the feet, or on the wire-pin.
    Problem I regularly rncounter is that the glue sets before
    the pin is completely in the base.
    Even then it is carefull, when the feet dó touch the base,
    not to have super glue coming out from between the feet and base.

    With the pin firmly glued into the sculpey,
    never encountered that the figure could wobble free?

    C ya

    1. It's a basic process of a pin in each foot (or sometimes just one), with the hole drilled into the base. I put the figure onto the base a few times first so that it does not get stuck with glue on it, which is never good!