Thursday, February 27, 2014

It's Da Coach!

The coach being led off the field by a frisky batch of Nurglings!

Lots of color transitions to worry about with this piece.  Mixing greens with yellows, blues, reds... you name it, all in the effort to get that variety.  Sometimes across just one of the little guys. :-)

There will be a few more group shot sets of the types of figures (such as command staff, etc.) and then I will try to figure out how to shoot images of all 31 minis!


  1. Very nice...

    I never played Bloodbowl,
    even though in the club we have a magnificent build-up board.

    But seeing these guys sure wanne make me
    begin a team...

    Very nice job!

  2. Looks great. Always admired your use of colours. Very good. I also like how a lot of the things you do are heavily modified, if not created by yourself.

    Table Top Revolution

    1. Thanks! Things like this definitely represent a challenge! :-)