Sunday, February 23, 2014

Facing the Storm(bolter)

Now it's time for those Storm Bolter toting Sisters!  It is actually much more fun to paint these guns than the standard bolters.  The lines tend to be a little cleaner, and there are more defined shapes.

Also, you have the targeting laser sights and such, which means a spot of fluoreecent paint and OSL here and there!  You know how much I like glowy things.

The usual with the freehand on the cloaks.  Start out with middle tones, work the highlights, and then use glazes in the shadow areas to not just darken it, but unify it a little more with the background/surrounding colors, such as the dark grey robe.

These views let you see the base a little more... you remember that post!


  1. Hi James. What colours have you used on the bolter? I can see it's greys but is there blue in there as well?

  2. You should more Warmachine models and true metallic [but not WM models with true metallic]