Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My first Inquisitor

This will always be one of my favorite miniatures.  It was also one of the first elaborate conversions I had done.

It involved incorporating a Confrontation miniature with some Games Workshop bitz, and lots of little scratch built pieces.  The primary element was the psycannon that I made out of the grey sculpey, which is stronger and keeps an edge.

There was even a bit of plasticard and green stuff.  I used brown stuff on the purity seals so that they could have a more dramatic position... flowing in the breeze.

As you can see, this character had wracked up quite a few trophies!

And now for some color images of the painted piece.  This Inquisitor Lord eventually had an entire story written for him, as well as a few campaigns in which he was a central character.

As you can see, Slaneesh marines were the primary target of his wrath... and his trusty psycannon!

In his honor, I painted this at a Games Day.  It actually won an award for best artwork.  One of three awards (Stikki Wikkit also has one).

I think most of you have already seen all the finished retinue figures... but not these WIP images.  So, I have prepared a series of posts that will combine the finished and in progress photos!

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