Saturday, December 21, 2013

Time to re-grout!

I hope you are not getting sick of bases!  I never do ;-)

Yes, more bases for the Sisters.  I don't often get a chance to do white marble, so these are fun!

Of course, lettering is always fun for a closet calligrapher.

They always look fun in groups!

I don't plan everything out in advance... it just sort of 'happens'.

More fun that way!


  1. I like your Bases so much but could not reproduce it yet to a fitting like!

    1. It will take practice... remember, I have made thousands of these :-)

  2. Does the extra height from the bases cause you a negative impact while gaming?

    1. It has never really mattered one way or the other. When mass amounts of units were wiped out by LOS, it was due to lack of terrain or terrain that might as well not have been there :-)

      Or, by flyers parked right on top of the terrain behind which I was trying to hide!