Saturday, December 7, 2013

The way to really fly

Some of you will probably recognize these ladies!  Two of them were used as subjects for painting videos.

The figure on the right with the Tiger eyes on the wings was a test figure for the freehand video.  I thought it would make a good subject, since I could put freehand on the base, the wings, the arms,etc.

The one on the left was used for the Shades of Grey video.  Again, there were many types of surfaces that would allow for the placing of various gray tones everywhere.  The idea was to show how you could do a lot more with 'simple' gray.

I had been saving these figures for many years to serve as Seraphim in my Sisters of Battle army.  Since Raging Heroes is going to be doing something amazing in that department, I thought it would be OK to use them for the kickstarter.

The first 3 figures you have seen are part of the current Urban Mammoth range.  All part of the Urban Warfare system.  Amazing stuff!

This figure on the right was a combo test for shades of gray, snow bases, and weathering.  A test subject for 3 videos...

Those are not available any more.  I liked them a lot.  The wings have a very different feel, and the armor is about as close to a space marine as you can get on a lady. :-)

She looks rough and tumble as well!

So, one more image, and it's back to work!!!


  1. Fantastic paint job! I love them all especially the Tiger. It's a shame they aren't still available I would buy them right now and had I known about them before they would have been mine.

    1. Thanks! The Archangels are still available. It is only the one figure with the different wings :-)

  2. Actually, you can still get the Shuriken Guard minis from here:

    They also have a couple of their hero figs sold separately, as well as this pack too, but I'm not sure why this pack is different, maybe the sets of wings...