Monday, December 16, 2013

The ladies in red...

Here's the first of the minis meant for those bases!

I wanted to do a cooler, somewhat subdued red for these.  The idea was to compliment the white marble on the bases.

This views gives you a good glance:


  1. I wondered what was going on those sensational bases - superb!

  2. Nice, but the red is a little to pinky for me.
    Base is fantastic!

  3. The more muted colours work really well with the bases. Thanks for sharing

  4. In your red video, do you go over making different types of red? I am intrigued at how you create this tone, and how you shaded your Kasrkin stormtroopers.

    1. Yes, there is a whole range of reds covered. Not just warmer and cooler reds, but saturated and unsaturated, etc. If I have not posted a preview video yet of Raging Reds, I will do so soon!