Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fun Reaper classic

Here's more of an 'old school' Reaper figure.  It must be a Julie Guthrie sculpt.

Since so many of the original figures I painted 11-13 years ago were Reaper figures sculpted by her, there is a tinge of nostalgia that comes to mind :-)


  1. The figure of the girl with the bird and the staff is one My Mom did for Reaper Miniatures in 1999. Her signature is on the back edge of the base and '99 is on the bottom. Someone has modified the staff. The original staff that she sculpted did not have the curved blade or feathers. If you want she can send you a picture of the "green" or a picture of this figure from a Reaper catalog. Beautiful paint jobs! Really nice!

    1. Thanks :-) The original staff had broken off, so I had to replace it with something. ;-)