Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Flight of the Valkia

Here's a mini that's been waiting for paint for years.  Back when I was trying to start a Chaos army, I thought that Valkia the Bloody would be a fun character.  I converted this Reaper figure, adding a Chaos Knight halberd.

I don't think I will even get around to that Chaos army, so I just painted her anyway...

This is actually a pretty massive hunk of metal!

You can get a better idea of just how big this is next to a more 'human' sized Reaper figure.


  1. Really nice. Love that reaper mini you used too. Also, just watched the skeleton sample video. Even if i never learn your techniques the sheer joy of watching it come together and the inspiration and ideas it has sparked for upcoming projects i have is refreshing! Now, what's your shoot to final video ratio? 29 min from 12 hours? Lower or higher?!

    1. Thanks! Actually, the full video is 100 minutes long :-)

      There is little or no additional footage, since the plan was to show everything from start to finish. No speed ramping, no 'here's how it looks 3 hours later', etc. There were times where I had to cut the film to dry something, or a dropped the figure, or there was background interference, etc.

      I know that I would want to see everything as it happens. That created lots of planning and other difficulties, but it was worth it in the end!!