Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Flame War

Hmm.  Internet trolls.  Heavy flamer.  Solution! :-)  Hot stuff!!

You light up my life?  Light a fire under...  Sorry.  Long day.

The view from above.


  1. Love your work, James! first found you by seeing your pics of your New Orc Giants a couple of years ago (avid BB fan!)... been tracking your blog ever since! Been gaming, drawing, painting for decades, decided to finally pursue mini-painting a little more seriously. Recently saw your Chaos Dwarf team at the ACCC! (Great event!) Would appreciate being able to get in touch with you, and would welcome any comments on my work at: http://lourollinsminis.blogspot.com Hope to hear from you! AWESOME stuff here! Very inspirational!

    1. Thanks for following the blog! Will check out the minis! :-)