Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Aw Rats...

Sorry this is late, folks.  Dead computers, Lots of craziness.  Had to fin d a machine that would let me install Photoshop 7.0, etc.

These guys have been waiting for a while for paint, and now they have it!

This is the first from a unit of 5 Ratlings.  They really do have a lot of character for little guys.

It was a little difficult to prep these guys, since they were one big hunk of metal.  In way I am glad that they are, since it makes the little buggers very strong!!!!


  1. That's a nice figure. I like the way he's braced against the post and is using the sling to stablise his weapon, just like a marksman would. Also, the apples are a nice touch, he might be long-range death on legs, but he's still a hobbit/ratling, and he needs his second breakfast.

  2. These are really one of the most underrated sets in GW's line. They have a lot of character, are well-sculpted and come with their own terrain! Agreed. Love the apples. Good job on these.

    Hey I was looking at your videos about the shaded base-ooat technique. It's similar to something Roman from Massive Voodoo has taught people to start with. It's a technique borrowed from 2D if I am not mistaken. I used it for a while but eventually moved away from it because I didn't get much benefit from it, but I think I will give it another try. Is it really something you would do for army batch-painting though? Seems like something you'd avoid for army painting as it might detract from the uniformity you're looking for with armies.

    1. Actually, the technique was developed by painting armies. That is the whole philosophy behind it. The colors that you need are massively simplified, making it a whole lot easier to match colors across an entire army.

    2. Cool. Can't wait for your DVDs. I really liked the youtube previews!