Tuesday, October 15, 2013

These officers are not gentelmen

Here is the second set of officers that I promised!  These are also from Armorcast.  Bloody these guys up, and they are ready for some Zombie prison breaout!

I am pretty sure that I painted this batch of minis back in 2008.

I was very tempted to put Chicago flags on the shoulders, but I had to keep it a bit more neutral than that.  So, I settled for the sky blue shirts and black pants...

There was even a female officer, which was cool.

It would have been neat to see these guys up against actual Zombicide minis, but alas, they are long gone.

Look, here's the whole Precinct!


  1. I've never been interested in these miniatures until now.

    I think I may end up ordering some things from Armorcast again!

    1. Nifty! I had forgotten all about these myself, until I ran across them last week on accident in an old folder :-)