Friday, October 25, 2013

The gang's all here

OK!  Group shots!

As satisfying as it is to see the individual images, the group photos are usually the most fun!

They can be much harder to compose, and get things in focus, but it truly represents the effort involved.

Army shots are a bit tougher, though... as much fun as those are!

Ever since I started painting, the theme has been squads, regiments, teams, etc.  I get a real kick out of making each figure match the previous one, so that it is all one cohesive group.

Next up, some Blood Angels...


  1. Did you plan to sell all these armies ? :D

    1. These Imperial Fists are all commission pieces, so that counts :-)

    2. Where could I found your pricing ? ^^

    3. You could drop me a line on facebook if you wanted...

  2. Man these look so good, stop making me want an Imperial Fists Marine force.